5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Mascot Material


Mascot costumes find application in many sectors including learning institutions and corporate organizations. They are an ideal way of spreading cheer, creating morale and building brands. If you are considering ordering a custom mascot, hire a professional dressmaker for the task. An aspect of the ordering process is selecting the type of material, and these are the considerations to make.

1. Its ability to wick away moisture

The material should be good at absorbing moisture so that the performer can be comfortable while wearing it. Considering that the performer will sweat, the material should wick away moisture immediately. Along the same line, ensure that the costume’s material does not harbor bacteria. This is because bacteria flourish in a moist environment. If the material is not a good absorber, sweat is likely to accumulate in the inside thus making it susceptible to bacteria growth and consequently unhealthy for the user. Accumulation of moisture on the outside of the custom mascots might cause mildew growth.

2. Its durability

Purchasing mascot costumes can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it is relieving to know that the mascot will last for a long time. Usually, mascots are used in the outdoors. It is important to use thus, a material that is pliable but durable. Some of the popular materials that meet this criterion are those that are lightweight such as rigid foam, faux, fleece, spandex, and fur. Spandex is durable, but it snags easily. This implies that regular use is likely to cause a tear and wear.

3. Its care and upkeep

The type of material that makes a mascot will determine how much attention it requires. For instance, mascots that are made with fur cannot be cleaned using a washing machine since the fur can melt or single out quickly. As for foam heads, a spray spot cleaner should be used. Put all these factors into consideration before you select the material as care and upkeep are crucial. The information on the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

4. Its weight

The weight of the custom mascots should be a major factor to be considered. Ideally, it should not be too thin to hold up quickly. It should be light enough not to burden the user and to allow it to breathe. If a costume does not breath, it will get overheated from the inside thus affecting the wearer.

5. Its use

When choosing the appropriate material for your mascot costume, consider its usage. A mascot that will be used to perform stunts and other physical activities should be made using a durable material. That way, the user stays cool and comfortable. Mascots that are used indoors can be manufactured using delicate materials which are likely to be less costly than the durable ones. Above all, the costume should be comfortable in the environment that it will be used.


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