5 Misconceptions You Will Hear About Movers


Home moving is never an easy process and most people dread it so much that they may sometimes, even prefer to stay at their current homes just to avoid all the stresses and inconveniences that come with it. But if you do enough studies, you will notice that home moving can also be just as easy as making tea. You just need to plan yourself with reliable movers Vancouver, and schedule well enough and prepare early enough and everything will run smoothly from the start to finish.

Every homeowner has at least that one special item that will always need special handling, be it a football helmet that was signed by an NFL player or an heirloom antique.

You need to look for a mover who you can trust to handle your possessions carefully and properly from the time the packaging and loading, start to the time of traveling to the time where unloading and unpacking ends.

So, these are some advice on how you can ensure you have a very successful and worry-free move.

  1. Know what you’re moving

The simplest and best way you can make the whole process easy and smooth is by compiling a list of all the items you want to move. Compiling an inventory will help guide you on some of the items that are a must-have and the others that you can do without. You may even notice some items which you no longer use and can trash or donate or even sell and make extra bucks. Carrying only what you need also makes the load a lot lighter and the whole process simple and fast.

  1. Check your insurance

Know this; moving companies don’t usually provide actual insurance, but basic insurance. In fact, moving companies only cover your items per pound. For example, if you lose or break an item while moving and the fault is with the movers, then you are only liable for $0.60 per pound of the item. But there are many different basic policies that you can look into and choose the one which you feel best suits you.

  1. Hire the right mover

You don’t want to get online and hire the first mover you find on the internet. You need to do adequate research and find the best mover who will move your items. Also, you need to know that not all movers are the same. Some may transport your stuff while others may not, depending on the list of things they are in the business of moving. Some movers are also restricted to local moving while others can do interstate moves.

  1. Special movers for special items

You don’t want to risk using the ordinary movers to move very special or fragile antiques or art. Instead, look for the movers who specialize in such kinds of items and you can trust to handle your special items without damaging them in any way while on the move.

  1. Move your way

In case you have limited items that you want to move, you may not need to hire a moving crew at all. In fact, you can just pack the stuff and move them yourself if you feel you can do it without much hustle.


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