5 Tips to Boosting the Security of Your Business


When you’re looking at boosting the security of your business, it’s important to work with a professional locksmith. They will be able to assist in various ways.

Security Audit

#1: Schedule a Security Audit
A locksmith can come out to talk to you about the security of your business. This includes looking at the integrity of door locks and deadbolt locks and making suggestions as to ways that you can tighten security. Further, you can explore security and surveillance systems that will take your company’s security to the next level. There are many reason a Security Audit is important for your business.

Lock Smith

#2: Change the Locks
As employees leave your organization, you will want to make sure to change the locks. You can never be sure whether employees have made copies before turning their set into you. Locksmiths will be able to provide you with the needed key cutting on premises. They can also change any of the locks that are in place. You can read more on the importance of changing locks here.

Locking Mechanisms

#3: Use Enhanced Locking Mechanisms
There are a lot of new locking mechanisms available on the market. You can choose to have a high-end keypack lock installed on the doors. You can also use smart technology where employees have pin numbers on keypad locks or biometrics in order to get through all of the different secured doors. These keyless entry locks could be just what you need to improve the security across your premises.


#4: Ensure Doors Shut Tight 
Automatic door openers can be used to ensure the doors open and close promptly. If doors don’t shut or don’t shut tight, it can make it easier for intruders to enter the premises. An automatic door opener can be installed on various doors to make it easier to go through all of the doors and limit who can gain access to each door at the same time.

Security Access

#5: Minimize Access 
You will be able to secure your business more effectively when you limit access. You should focus on giving keys or security combinations to supervisors and managers. If you give access to every employee, it can be difficult to determine who has access to your building, especially as employees come and go. Further, you may want to work with a locksmith in order to create a strategy in terms of who has access to different areas of your property.

By listening to the recommendations of Lock-Up Services Inc, you can secure your business. It will make it easier to work knowing that you have sufficient security in place.

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