5 Ways Furnished Apartments Save You Money


Most people book hotels because it’s all they know about. Business trips to a conference or something else will involve going away for a week or even longer. Furnished apartments make a lot of sense. There are also many ways they can save money.

1. The “Per Night” Cost is Lower

Short term rentals will cost less per night than hotels. Although the rentals are by the week or month, it can be divided out to compare to the hotels around the area. The cost difference can be startling.

2. There’s Room for More Than One Person

It’s possible to get a furnished apartment with two or three bedrooms. This means that more than one person can stay in the building. It saves money as opposed to getting two or three hotel rooms for all who will be traveling. After all, if you can get along with people at work, you can live with them for a few days, especially if you all have your own personal space.

3. There is No Parking Fee

Many hotels charge for parking and even more for valet. This can add up quickly over the course of a business trip. Furnished apartments don’t charge for parking, thus saving a lot of money. The money could be used to upgrade to a nicer rental car or to put the savings back into the company.

4. Less Money is Spent Eating Out

Eating out is a major expense to deal with when traveling. Most conferences don’t include food. As such, a week-long trip could consist of breakfast, lunch, and dinner receipts that amount to a lot. Furnished apartments have full kitchens, stocked with pots, pans, a microwave, a stove, and more. It’s possible to go grocery shopping, fill the fridge with food, and then cook most of the meals while you’re on a trip.

5. Less Money is Spent on Entertainment

Many people feel as though they have to spend a lot of money on a business trip. Part of this is to get out of the small hotel room. As such, they spend money to go to the movies, on city tours, and more.

A short term rental will have a lot of different features. It can be booked for weeks or months at a time. Further, it’s an easy solution when traveling because of all the amenities that are offered. It’s an ideal way to save money. There are useful references available if you visit the Premiere Suites website.


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