6 Corporate Party Events For Small Business


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Whatever it is that you are looking for in an office party, business party or corporate party – working with some of the top premier party rentals Toronto agency would prove to be a great decision on your part. Nothing inspires workers and employees more than showing them that they are valued and appreciated.

There was a research poll that had asked employees would they instead earn an extra amount of money in their bonuses or simply be told thank you more often. You know what they chose? The latter.

Showing people, you appreciate them will make them work that much harder and be that much more loyal to the business. So to help invigorate a sense of unity and appreciation we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 6 corporate party events that you can toss for your outstanding teammates.

# 1 – Pizza Party

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Hitting this theme party off is throwing a pizza party. Pizza is such a universally loved food and what better way to show your appreciation for your employees than to throw a pizza party and organize a party to not only to entertain your employees but also to show your appreciation.

And pizza…pizza is a sure fire way to unite a team. Pizza Party!!

# 2 – VideoGame

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Employee appreciation day can be a festivity for fun. Video games have become pretty much part of our everyday life. Heck, even elders are getting in on these fantastic movie experiences that we can now experience for ourselves.

Video games are no longer experience confined to teenagers and kids but have become a great way to unite and break the ice with people.

# 3 – Live Music

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Is there anything better than to be able to rent out a place and get love music to play for your employees? Well, probably there is, but this surely is a contender for first place. Renting out a place and getting a group to play and entertain your employees is a great way to show that they are valued and that their work is appreciated.

# 4 – Team Building Events

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More than just showing appreciation for your employees you also want to build a stronger camaraderie among your team. Organizing team building events such as weekend getaways to a resort and scavenging around for items can be a great way to get employees to understand each other better.

A team that can work well together and forms a strong relationship with one another is a huge asset to any business. This may be a bit costlier, but it will pay off in the end.

# 5 – Who Done It Murder Event

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Much like the previous entry having a “who done it -esque” detective, theme party can be incredibly fun and exhilarating. Offering a wonderful dinner and to have a “murder mystery” happen (fake of course) can be an exciting event.

# 6 – Cruise Event

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For successful businesses or corporation what better way to show how ga=ratefu you are to your employees than by offering a cruise event? This may sound grand, but with a global corporation, this is just a dip in the bucket.



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