7 Ways To Offer Free Shipping To Customers


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Running an online business/ e-commerce store is not that easy. With so many competitors it can seem very difficult at times to get leads and even more so to get the conversion. However, there is a way to get more leads and conversion without having to buy a leads system of conversion system (although they are precious in of themselves).

What is this magical way you are asking?

Free Shipping!!

Many shipping Toronto e-commerce stores use this method and get many leads and conversions. So if you are thinking of implementing this strategy then here are seven ways in which you can start using Free shipping as a means to get more sells.

7 Ways To Offer Free Shipping To Customers

# 1 – Free Shipping On All Orders

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Nw this method may not make you rich overnight because of the cost that you will be paying for the free shipping, but this is a great way to get more leads and hence more loyal buyers who will recommend your website to others.

# 2 – Free Shipping To First-Time Customers Only

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This is a sure fire way to get those individuals who are lingering on to the website checkout page and not confident. Not only this but you will save a bit more in the extended scheme of things if you offer free shipping for the first time buyers.

# 3 – Free Shipping On All Orders – [48 Hours Only]

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You must take into account the psychology of the buyer. Once they feel like they don’t have enough time to do something they will act without thinking. And although this method may seem a little underhanded, it is a great way to get people to make that purchase.

# 4 – Free Shipping To [Insert Country]

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By offering exclusivity free shipping to individual countries, you will gain a loyal customer base for sure.

# 5 – Free Shipping On Orders Over $X

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This is a standard method that many online businesses – and businesses in general – do. This is an excellent option as you can get a bit more on your sales as well as get that conversion.

# 6 – Free Shipping When You Purchase Specific Item

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If you have a specific item that you want to push and get off your website then offering free shipping on that item will be a great way to get rid of that item and make a profit off of it.

# 7 – Free Shipping When You Buy Two + Items

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Lastly the old buy two and get a free item or shipping tactic. This is very useful because – not only do you get a sale on more items but you also can show how much traffic (if you are using software to show other customers the sales that have been made) on your website.

Think Outside The Box

These are just a few tricks and tips that you can start implementing into your e-commerce store. Byt to stay ahead of the competition it is all about innovating so think outside the box, and you will most surely succeed.


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