Enjoy A Wonderful Shipping Season by Avoiding These 5 Mistakes


Many businesses make mistakes when it comes to their interactions with the shipping companies. Some of the mistakes may be unintentional. But others are just as a result of the business’s plain arrogance. And some of the mistakes can be less consequential, but others are usually costlier and impact of the business a lot. Take, for example, that your business makes one slight mathematical miscalculation with a shipping industry, chances are that a lot of money is going the wrong way. Maybe your business financial office forgets and adds an extra 0 at the end of the total amount. Yikes! Right?

Even so, we’re only human and are bound to make mistakes every once in a while. But there are some mistakes that a business should try to avoid at all cost especially when dealing with a shipping company. Here is a short list of some of those mistakes which you should avoid if you intend to enjoy a wonderful shipping season.

1. Estimating the shipping cost

Most of the time, something like this may occur when a business gets a last-minute order. Or maybe a new client makes an order for your shipment and you are really pressed for time. Your business will obviously be looking to impress and show that they can deliver when called upon. And that can lead to a business opting to guess the shipping costs of the products in an effort to cut back on some time. You never know, you may end up overquoting the total price and end up working at a loss.

2. Selecting the wrong packaging

There is nothing worse for a business than when it ends up selecting and shipping goods and products in the wrong packaging. Size matters a lot especially when it comes to packaging. It doesn’t matter whether you are shipping nuts or bolts the size or peanuts. Using the right packaging when shipping also helps save you a lot of money and time as well.

3. Mismanaging unhappy returns

Ensure that you have a clear, precise, and developed return policy for your products. You may end up driving away potential loyal clients when you don’t have a clear return policy for your goods. Nobody is looking to buy goods from you, end up not liking them but have no way to return them back to you for a refund or an exchange.

4. Assuming automation is complex

Take a look at the other businesses that have automated their services. You will witness that a great deal of human error is reduced. They may seem too complex and seem like an unknown ground since you haven’t tried them before. But choosing not to adapt them for this reason and the fact that they may be costly can end up costing your business.

5. Selling a service label against a service commitment

Small businesses should also commit themselves to only using time-conscious shipping companies. Take, for example, the medical industry which relies on the timely delivery of medical products more than anything.


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