Plan Ahead When You Want To Enjoy Treats In that Limo Rental


Whether you just need airport transportation or are planning a bachelorette party on the town, a limousine service adds some class to your trip. While you are relaxing in the back of your ride, you can also enjoy something to eat and drink. There are many rental services that offer food or beverages for passengers as part of a package deal or by request. Others may allow you to bring your own along too.

1. Plan On Drinking Some Bubbly?

Depending on where you live, you may be allowed to have alcoholic drinks in the back of your limo to help everyone get into a celebratory mood. Some states have laws against alcohol in vehicles, but others, such as Oklahoma and Minnesota allow it for passengers in rental vehicles. A few limo companies even stock alcoholic beverages, such as champagne in their vehicles at your request. The company will want your confirmation that all your passengers are over 21 years old, so they don’t inadvertently break the law.

If the company doesn’t offer this service, they may allow you to bring your own beverages and keep them in a conveniently installed cooler in the limo. This also applies to other kinds of beverages, such as water, sodas, and teas.

2. Foods May Be Allowed

You’ll likely feel peckish on long trips or outings with your friends too. The black car service that you choose can provide food or allow you to bring it along at their discretion. Notify the rental company in advance that you want something to nosh on, such as crackers, candy, cookies, and other small snack items. They may also be able to accommodate you by stocking these items in advance.

The limo service might place limits on certain kinds of foods, like items that easily stain the upholstery. This can include cake, sauces, dips, and fast food. Be sure to ask before your rental day about any food items that you want in the back of the limo, so there aren’t any disappointments.

3. A Deposit Against Damage

Most black car services ask for a deposit when you reserve the limousine. This deposit is about 50% of the estimated bill up front. It covers a number of potential issues, such as cancellation, not paying your bill after receiving service, and helping to prepare the rental vehicle for your outing. The limo company might ask you to pay a little extra for any food or drink that you request they provide, especially if you want a pricey item. There is a great source of information available on the Yorkville Limousine website.


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