The Commercial Security Systems Trends You Should Look Out for in 2018


Technology has come a long way in regards to security and has become a dominant force when it comes to shaping the next generation of our commercial security systems. In this current business world that we live in, you notice that safeguarding your business is among some of the most critical issues that you need to address and it is a continuous event. For most small businesses, you will notice that the most common crime they face is usually theft and burglary which, on average, can cost up to $8,000 per incident, reports a survey by the Hartford Insurance Company. A study has also found that 4 out of every 10 small businesses have either experiences or are likely to experience a property liability claim within 10 years in business.

Here is where advances commercial security systems come in, changing the game for all small businesses by safeguarding their employees and properties.

Below are some commercial trends in the commercial security systems field that you need to look out for in 2018.

  1. IP technology/Real-time video

With the ever-growing internet bandwidth improvements, technology has provided businesses with a chance to watch available live video feeds of their workplaces from anywhere in the world. You can now view your business place, in real-time from anywhere on your mobile device or pc and address false alarm issues more quickly than before when you had to up and go to your business to check whether an alarm was a false one or not. There is no need even to have to go to the access control systems to view security footage of any events that you might have missed as it can be as close as the palm of your hands and you can view the video footages anytime you feel like.

  1. Managed security services

This means that companies are more learning to concentrate more on their main competencies. You will no longer find a building manager or retailer in the parking lot handling security businesses. Most businesses have taken to working with qualified security partners that have benefited them a lot especially when it comes to receiving high-tech solutions like motion sensor cameras, audio analytics, and virtual guards to help with overseeing all openings and closings.

  1. Video verification services

Video cameras are now able to capture real live footage of any suspicious incidents and send the footage to virtual security personnel that can verify legitimate reasons for the cause of the alarms then inform the company personnel. These verification services can now even summon law enforcement automatically thus reporting any unlawful incidences in the business in real-time which can save you a lot of money and resources since the incident is dealt with quicker.

  1. Security analytics

High-tech cameras are now smarter than ever and can see more. The high-resolution cameras will identify faces and even track objects in motion clearly from great distances. You will also notice the advanced audio analytics which can detect any signals of potentially dangerous activity in the place of business like gunshots and glass breaking and alert the command center.

  1. Artificial intelligence surveillance

You must have noticed the new technology, now on Facebook, that can automatically tag photos and also drives the Google image search engine. This technology has the capability of identifying people and even determining their general moods in real-time. You will have nowhere to run if you are a thief lucky enough to evade capture after stealing. The artificial intelligence surveillance systems will constantly have eyes on you.

  1. Aerial surveillance using drones

Yes! You can now have “eyes in the sky” with the help of drones. This feature is still in development but who is to say that it won’t come in 2018? You will be able to identify people from the sky and even follow them. Virtually, almost all threats to your business will be covered.


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