6 Event Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Event planning can be a very daunting career if you do not have the right skills and knowledge to go about your work. Many issues are always looming by waiting for you to make even the slightest mistakes and then compound to become a big issue. At the end of it all, what seemed to be a low-budget event may be overrun by costs, poor scheduling, ideal party rentals, and even customer dissatisfaction. All of which can land your business in hot soup. As an event planner, you need to consider many factors other than just planning the event. You also have to consider things like the event venue, the allocated time, the purpose of the event, etc. If you are not too careful, you might end up making many obvious mistakes which may end up soiling your reputation. Here are some of the most common event planning mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1. Inexperienced or inadequate staff

You could say that this is where problems start to brew. There is little to no way you are going to do a perfect job if you are short staffed. Or if your staff lack the necessary experience to do the job. It is crucial that you adequately staff your events and have people who have adequate experience in the field. Staff members who you don’t have to stop what you are doing now and then to check how they are doing their work.

2. Having a poor contingency plan or missing one

Even the most carefully planned events always have a chance of encountering an error. You never know where or when something might end up going completely wrong. It gets worse when something goes wrong on the event date or during the event as you will be hard-pressed to salvage what you can with the minimal time. For this reason, it is wise that you have a good contingency plan, a backup plan, to fall back on if the initial plan fails to go through.

3. Minimal setup time

In most instances, when setting up an event, you realize that there is hardly always enough time to set it up. Time might end up cutting you short and the event date and time comes due before you are done making the necessary preparations. This can be a huge setback, especially for your event attendees. It is, therefore, necessary that you always make the right setup time estimates for all preparations that will lead to the event. You do not want to have your staff members running up and down during the event trying to finish up on whatever’s left. It is wise and professional always to have everything set up at least 15minutes before the event starts.

4. Not confirming with the vendors

Say you talked to the vendor and agreed that the event would start on a specified date and go through for a specified period. But then again, you will need to confirm with the vendor the time the event will begin, the services and amenities that will be offered and any other rhetorical questions about the event that you may have in your mind. Do not be the event planner who thinks you know the mind of the vendor. If possible, even have these details in writing.

5. Hiring event managers who lack experience

A lack of an experienced event manager who takes control of all processes in an event is a sure recipe for disaster. Things can, and will probably, get out of control very fast. This is the reason why it is crucial that you do your research before you decide on the event planning manager to handle your event preparations.

6. Poor or lack of communication

This is the one major problem that is common with the inexperienced event planners. For you to be successful in his industry, you need to avoid this mistake at all costs. Miscommunication or no communication with the vendors can and will spell disaster. You will not know what or how the vendor wants the event to be. What to include and what to avoid using while planning the event, etc.


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